Jillian Bashi, here! I am an intuitive healer and a visionary light leader. My mission is to help healers through their own healing so they can activate and align with their Soul’s mission.

With over 15 years of experience in the field of mental and holistic health, I incorporate a beautiful blend of cutting-edge modalities to heal and transform your subconscious and energetic patterns to patterns that align you with your ESSENCE! (In other words, who you are underneath all the conditioned patterns and/or trauma).

I specialize in working with healers, coaches, mentors, teachers, counselors, and therapists, as I KNOW your energy patterns. I know how you get stuck. I GET you because I was once where you are at!

Healers seek me out because they are feeling blocked. They have fears and/or trauma, lack clarity on their purpose, have lack and limiting beliefs, self-doubt, struggle with receiving, struggle with boundaries, feel drained from putting their needs last and overdoing; they are not sure how to get themselves unblocked so they can fully live out their life purpose and make an impact.

I use a 3 STEP method to help healers ALIGN with their SOUL's purpose


Healing & Releasing the Conditioned Self & Reconnecting with your Authentic Self (your Essence).


Gaining Clarity on your Soul’s mission.


Taking spiritually aligned action.

After clients complete my ALIGNING with your HIGHEST VISION 24-week program..

  • They have clarity
  • They are in the flow
  • They trust themselves, their spiritual connection and the process
  • They take bold courageous steps in their life and feel empowered
  • They have the tools to get themselves unstuck
  • They know how to navigate through the contraction after the expansion
  • They are unstoppable with their mission!
  • As a result of getting in a full alignment, all areas of their life improve and they align with a higher vision of their life.

This program is MEANT for YOU if...

  • You know you are meant to be doing MORE in your life, but YOU get in YOUR OWN WAY, derail your progress, and lose time and energy SPINNING YOUR WHEELS
  • You are ready to stop holding yourself back from opportunities because of fear.
  • You are ready to DITCH self-doubt
  • You are stuck in a vicious cycle of fear, overwhelm, frustration, and/or confusion
  • You are ready to drop into your body and hold the truth that YOUR desires are possible!
  • You have tried multiple therapists, coaches, programs, or other resources and still aren't seeing REAL LASTING RESULTS.
  • You feel that leading with your intuition, living your life purpose, and making an impact are attainable BUT are STRUGGLING to get there!

So take a moment and ask yourself...

Do you desire to fully align with your purpose and live an amazing, rewarding, impactful life?

Do you struggle with Clarity, Fears, Doubt, Overwhelm, Scarcity and Limiting Beliefs (like “I'm not ready” or "I'll be ready after one more certification") that keep you from moving forward?

Do you desire to deeply TRUST yourself and the process, so you can be in the Flow and take action from a spiritually aligned way? 

Would you like the daily tools, an Intuitive Guide and a Supportive Container of Transformation to help you work through and release these blocks?

If YES, then let's connect to discuss how this program can transform your life to flow with JOY & EASE!


Take the next STEP

Releasing the blocks that are holding you back and getting clarity on your next steps requires a HUGE leap of Faith. I know that is SCARY! I have been there! Over and over again. I know this pattern well. And I know how to navigate through it. 

Do you find your heart telling you to "go for it", yet you struggle with fear and to know HOW?

The good news is you don’t need to know the how right in this moment. You just need to decide what it is you desire and “the how” will show itself to you.

That is how the Universe works!

This program will help you develop the trust in yourself and to discern between your intuitive voice and the voice of your ego (aka, the conditioned self).  Developing a deep connection with yourself and trusting the voice of your Higher Self is vital to this process. 

Just like any skill, it takes practice and being in the right container of support – one that is also a high vibrational state to hold space for you to grow and expand into the full expression of who you are.

Most people did not have a safe container in their younger years to be the full expression of who we are.

With this group experience, you WILL get that corrective experience! And the best part?

I know the specific ROADMAP to help you RELEASE ALL that is HOLDING you back from LIVING YOUR LIFE PURPOSE!

Ready to Live Your Life PURPOSE, Manifest the Life of Your Dreams and Make an Impact?

Transform Your Life Through My HIGH VIBRATIONAL Energetic Roadmap to Life Purpose

Ready to Live Your Life PURPOSE, Manifest the Life of Your Dreams and Make an Impact?

Transform Your Life Through My HIGH VIBRATIONAL Energetic Roadmap to Life Purpose



Group Zoom Orientation Ceremony

Live Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Energy Clearing and Q & A

Course Curriculum with Self-paced Video Trainings on:

  • Releasing and Healing the Conditioned Self
  • Realigning Your Authentic Self
  • Anchoring Into & Navigating the Higher Vibrational Energy
  • Connecting Intuitively with your Body
  • Mastering Manifestation & the Energy of Abundance
  • Embodying Your Highest Vision

Life Impact Assignments and Practical Exercises: Mindset & Identity Shifts, Core Shame Release, Inner Child Healing, Releasing Money Blocks (just to name a few!)

Powerful Energy Clearing Sessions that work on your Entire Aura to clear: fear, trauma, visibility blocks, self sabotage, stuck emotions, limiting beliefs, unhealthy inherited family patterns, relationship issues, and so much more!

Powerful Breathwork for Healing and Release

Guided Imagery Recordings

Meditations To Use Daily

Access to Private Facebook Group For Additional Support, Questions, Tips and Mini Trainings

6 Months of Direct Access to Jillian Bashi

Go ALL IN and Discover, Live, and Embrace Your Life Purpose & Manifestation Mastery!



TWO private Human Design Sessions with expert, Mary Pat Lynch

Learn your very own Human Design and how it relates to living out your soul's purpose. ($400 value)

Next Program Session Begins May 16th, 2022!

There are Epic Early Bird options available when you sign up before April 29th including payment plans and MORE bonuses! Your next step is to fill out the Application for the program. This process is to ensure the Aligning with your Highest Vision program can serve you in the best possible way. Completing the application allows me to understand more about you and your journey. After applying you will receive an email with an invitation to book a clarity call with me and also a FREE GIFT...

The Thought Liberation Energy Clearing Protocol!

Your JOURNEY through aligning

with your highest vision

First Steps: You will begin your journey by assessing where you are at today and begin getting clarity on your desires and vision.



IIt’s so vital to understand, heal and release the protective, younger parts of you that are no longer serving you to move forward and align with your mission and higher vision. This is a foundational module that you will continue to come back to in order to do the deeper healing and align yourself with your authentic spirit.



In this module you will reconnect with your true essence, the energy of joy, identify your spiritual gifts and develop a deeper connection with your spiritual connection. Aligning with your authentic self is essential to live out your mission and create the higher vision of your life.



Once you are aligned with your authentic self, the next quest is to hold the higher vibrational energy. Your highest vision is at a much higher vibration then you are in today. While navigating the expansion, you will go through the contraction which is often where we get stuck for far too long. You will learn the tools to navigate through this process with much more ease and in a shorter duration of time.



As healers we often are more focused on our energetic and emotional state that we forget about the physical body. Our body is our vessel and needs nurturing to hold our higher vibrational state. In this module you will learn the foundational tools I have learned from my years of education in naturopathy to help you improve your overall health and wellbeing.



In order to fully align with your highest vision, you must master manifestation and the energy of abundance. In this module you will learn about the Universal Laws of energy, manifestation tools, balancing the masculine and feminine energy and will release money blocks to help you feel empowered and live in the driver’s seat of your life.



Living in alignment with your soul’s mission and highest vision requires you to be in a full on embodied state as your authentic self (aka your essence) lives in your body, not in your head. This module will assist you in embodying the identity shifts, your core values and aligned schedule for your unique energy system to feel in alignment and in a balanced state.



In this bonus module, you will deepen your connection with yourself as you practice the self-love exercises. The more love you have for yourself, the more amazing experiences, people and opportunities you will magnetize into your life. Your love for yourself will have a ripple effect on the planet, your community, your family and people you are meant to serve.



Feel empowered as you learn to master this skill of tapping into your Truth with self-muscle testing and connect with your body, energy and subconscious mind. Deep transformation can occur when using this tool for yourself, your family and your clients.

Hey there, I'm Jillian

Over the past 15 years I have served as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Integrative Body Psychotherapist, PSYCH-K®️ Facilitator, Certified Ease Method®️ Practitioner and Intuitive Empowerment Coach.

It is my soul's mission to help others align with who they are authentically and live a life they are destined for – one full of joy, passion, purpose, and abundance!

My own journey aligning myself at the core, transformed my life, and has completely empowered me to live my purpose and to guide others to do the same!

Having struggled with anxiety, low self-worth, fears of rejection and visibility, imposter syndrome, attracting toxic relationships, and allowing perfectionism to run my life, my life was just passing me by. My fears, lack of clarity, difficulty trusting myself, seeing my gifts and my value held me back over and over again from living and Aligning with my Life Purpose.

Decades of my life were spent sabotaging myself and "playing safe" which always made me long for more in my life. I often felt "this can't be it, there has to be more". I continued seeking, learning, growing, "failing" (failing is in quotes because I do not believe in failure anymore) and trying again.

On my journey, I realized that every time I was in a high vibrational state and living in my authentic self, that I moved forward, made amazing decisions that brought me joy, prosperity and attracted the most amazing like-minded people in my life to help me rise.

That's why I completely embraced my unlimited potential and now help highly sensitive women do the same! I did the hard work and through compassion, self-awareness, dedication to myself, and connecting with people that knew HOW to support me, I uncovered my own roadmap to living powerfully in the NOW!

There is absolutely NO REASON you can't live a beautiful, empowered, impactful life!

Register for my 6-month group program and let MY ROADMAP work for you on your journey!

You deserve a joyful, purpose-driven life filled with EVERYTHING your heart desires, and I can help you get there!

What my CLIENTS are saying

"Jillian has been amazing to work with and has changed my life in so many positive ways. In the two years that I have been seeing her, I have learned how to handle life situations much more effectively. I feel like I can tackle anything that comes my way. I have become more confident in myself. I have learned to truly love myself, and take care of my needs. Whether it be boundaries, self-abandonment, or inner child work, or just handling my feelings– I’m always learning something new to use in my daily life. I’m so incredibly thankful for her!!"

-Sara K.

"There wasn’t one comment or question that was left unanswered. I never was pressured-just accepted as I am. Jillian has shown me so many tools to not only prevent anxiety but to empower me to be my true self. Her loving nature makes it easy to trust in the process. Jillian always seemed to be available no matter the time of day. I highly recommend her tools of education about oneself to everyone."

-Sue H.

"Jillian Bashi is a knowledgeable professional and an amazing person. Her coaching program is an in-depth program about knowing yourself, learning how to shift from your conditioned-self to your authentic-self, and loving yourself, through tools such as one-on-one session, group sessions, handouts, videos, mediations, breathwork, etc..  Nine months ago, I was feeling hopeless, confused, fearful, sadness and anxious about my life. During this period, I have learned how to vocalize my needs, set up boundaries, release negative and past energies, be curious about my feelings and my life (past and present), nurture my relationship with my spirit, feel self-love and compassion to myself, and relax and enjoy the moment. Today, I am so thankful and grateful for this journey because it was a very profitable investment in myself.  I am a renew person, I am feeling comfortable with the way I am, accepting myself, loving myself, respecting myself, trusting in myself, having faith in myself… I am enjoying my life and being myself. Thank you so much Jillian!"

-Sofia M.

“What I love about the program is the amount of group support and individual support and the videos/modules. I have come so far in a short amount of time, learned a lot, these are tools and skills that last a lifetime. Jillian has truly poured her heart into the program and the work she has done is incredible. There are not enough thank you and positive words to describe the program, the group, and Jillian!”

-Ashley D.

“Jillian has helped me change so many aspects of my life for the better. I have developed more compassion for myself and have learned so many ways to help with letting my anxiety go. She is so wise, patient, compassionate, and intuitive during our sessions. I don’t know what I would do without her!” 

 -Amanda S.

"I recently had the privilege of having a 60 minute session with Jillian Bashi. There were some things that were weighing heavily on me, but I tend to push those aside to seem happier to people. Jillian stopped me in my tracks at the beginning of our session and told me she knew I was harboring around something. I told her two major things I couldn't get past and it was breaking my heart, and I didn't want to remain bitter over them. She led me through an energy clearing. I have never done one of these before. It was weird at first, but I could tell I desperately needed this. This was not an accident that Jillian and I met each other and it led to this session. God knew I needed her help. And she did help me! After the session, I was a mess of emotions (totally normal), but Jillian remained right there with check-ins and help along the next few days, to couple of weeks. I learned a lot in those couple of weeks. The biggest thing I learned: negativity blocks your blessings! You have to release it, and sometimes all you need is some help/guidance to do so. And that's where my beautiful friend Jillian comes in. She helps guide you to those blessings you didn't think were possible. The biggest blessing I received was peace, and a renewed connection with my spiritual connection, God. 100/10 recommend you taking the leap and letting her help you!"

-June A.

Frequently Asked Questions

I feel so guilty. Is it selfish for me to spend money on myself?

Let me help you with this one! I have learned that if you do NOT invest in yourself, it is a disservice to your loved ones! If you continue to self-abandon, it will keep you stuck in anxiety, fear, guilt, and resentment for years and years to come. The truth is your family suffers MORE when you choose to put yourself last for even one more second. When you are filling your cup, when you are living in your passion, you are living a life that is role modeling to your loved ones that they matter and their happiness matters because you are reflecting that YOU MATTER! The more you pour into yourself, the more you have to give to your loved ones. You create a powerful ripple effect that living your dreams and stepping into your FULL POTENTIAL IS POSSIBLE!  

I struggle with spending money on something I want versus something I need.

Here is another perspective to consider. Look at this as an investment rather than an expense. You being your 100% BEST SELF is a NEED! I know you were conditioned to think otherwise, but that is a lie you tell yourself. You teach by example, so if you continue to show that you put yourself last, you are teaching others to also do the same. 

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, there is a payment plan option. When you go to enroll in the program you will see the options to pay in full or set up a payment plan.

What if I sign up and realize this isn't for me? Can I get my money back?

You have a 14-day money-back guarantee from the day you enroll in the program.

I have questions about the logistics of the program. Can I schedule an appointment with you before enrolling?

Absolutely! Here is the link to schedule a complimentary clarity call with me! https://calendly.com/jillianbashi/clarity-call